#angelhack #ahscl personal recap and what you didn’t saw

It was a good time. Let me say it from the beginning: it was great.

Was a lots of drinks for all 24 hours. Redbulls from time to time, primarily thanks to the unscrupulous who take three, four or more of them to “safe guard” their provision instead of just take one from the fridge to consume.
Same about pizzas. In the first round, when arrived, a stampede of Zerlings rush to the boxes and took everything in less than a minute. Some unscrupulous again even took a full box for them “and their team”.
Zero social conscience.

Same treatment of social conscience capabilities applies to the folks who where in charge of music in the room.
Guys: I’m tolerant. I’m not punching flaites (vulgar people) who listen reggeaton in public without earphones when i’m walking around. A couple of hours of Dubstep, ok. A couple of more hours of the same, ok.
But the fucking 24h listen something sound like malfunctioning Transformers having an orgy, please. Really. Please.
At the time you invited people to put music in queue using soundrop.fm we all was glad. Some join, and we (ALL the people at the hackaton) was able to put like 45 minutes of some soft Rock and Classics. Beatles, U2, ACDC, Nirvana, Metallica, The Doors, Michael Jackson and many, many other classics in general. Yes, time to time a song like “La Vieja Julia” appeared, but we all laugh of it and keep coding.
I understand you, the organizers and people who has to stay there just waiting, can become bored. But try other stuff. Use earphones, don’t become just another kind of flaite (a flaite toplero). Go sleep. Play Angry Birds. Buy a 3DS or a Vita and play like crazy. Try Yoga, or meditation. Don’t know, but… you suppose to be there to help us, the people coding at the hackaton, to be comfortable those 24h there, and you did it with the drinks, with the breakfast, the launch and even snaks. ¡The T° too! (was excelent have those big flames warming the place).
But music and what we HAVE to hear for 24h, because of the big disco-like speakers we can’t suppress al 100% using earphones, it’s also some of the enviroment you supposed to take care of. And you didn’t.
When some of you (don’t know who was, and don’t care either) bored of the classic rock music, you just unplugged soundrop and went back to the Dying Transformers and the Dubstep. And even you dare to put a Bachata in the middle (that music with the really sexy male voice who sound like my 6yr daughter singing like a soprano at the opera).
Diversify. Mix. Or turn off all music and let people listend what the hell they want using earphones and make it a rule (we don’t want flaites reggeatoneros sharing their perreos with the world in there, it’s not helpful to focus on coding).

We have the luck to being able to talk with Carlos Varela (from UDD, the organizers here in Chile for AngelHack), principally because @franciscorivas was the person who fix the internet for the Hackaton (and put a big switch in our table and share for 24 people). Yes, we go there prepared. Extension cord for power, check. Sleeping-Bag, check. Etc.
We both are guys who come from the ’90 and 2000yr lanpartys. We attended some big ones, produced by @Tarreo. Hackaton in many things need to worry and take care of same things. You can learn from those lanparty people.
We told to Carlos Varela this: you have to wire every table and every sitting place have to had their own ethernet connection. Wireless is not the only solution to networking. If you made it the unique, then what happend on saturday will occur again. Three and a half hours since the beginning of the official hackaton start time without internet. And three more hours BEFORE that (yes, six hours without any connection).
Thanks again Francisco Rivas

#fixitfelix Rivas

We talk too about the big fail of Designers and Hustlers (people with ideas) who went alone to the hackaton waiting to assemble a team in there.
If you don’t control if the registrations and pre-sell of tickets comes from already assembled teams, then people like @Cefels who went there with a great idea (and profitable, he even literally have a company waiting for it) have no chance. He take it easy. REALLY easy. Even when he can’t present his idea because no “Hacker” (coder) was available to help him.

We went, with @franciscorivas, semi-assembled. Two coders. We don’t need the Hustler. We both are too. So Francisco disguised as a Hustler, with a green pass (mine was orange) and we was ready to go. We was expecting to find a couple more “Hackers” and a “Designer” (purple pass) to help us code our idea fast and better.
But we encounter an faced the same problem i explain before.
The day of the conferences (from Facebook, Google and others), you talk to people with Orange passes, and everybody were already on a team. Almost 90% were there already assembled.
On the workshops, where i as a “Hacker” expected to meet other people to bring it to the team and without the “noise” of Hustlers and Designers, the situation was no different than before. From about 30 people on the Facebook talk about Parse.com, there was just three or five “Hackers” who went there alone. I know because i check-in earlier, 30min earlier, and waited on the lobby for everybody to arrive. I see them. Watch them. Listen them. All talking in groups from the out of elevator to the lobby and with ideas and projects already stated.
A breakfast the day after to “meet” people an recruit them?. There was no point of that instance in the saturday morning, after realize what happened with the pre-sale and the way things where prepared.
Task to Carlos Verela to fix for the next AngelHack here in Chile.
Because if it’s not fixed, many of us who can’t do what hackaton supposed to help and serving as catalyst of new and different people pushing for an idea, then a third one #ahscl  like that will be a dead end.

Thanks to Microsoft.
I mean it:

They paid for the pizzas.

At the workshop on Friday, they put the place and food again. Was really comfortable for a raining day.
And everything works fine for Facebook and Place.com workshop, and Joshua from AngelList (angel.co).
To @hansnemarich thanks. You’re really tough guy. Seriously.
80% to 90% of people at the hackaton was using some kind of Mac. From the rest, more than half was using Linux (myself included). Show Windows 8 apps and the benefits on those conditions?… i will say it again: You’re really tough guy. Amen to that.
I myself did and maintain an html5 app (“Mis Multas”), you can find it on both Android and iOS. And when i did it, i knew i can compile it to run on WP7 (and WP8 now), and i did it some time ago; i just open up Virtualbox (legal licence of Windows of course, the one who came preinstalled :)), downloaded the free visualstudio, and success. Even posted and screenshot of it on my G+. I know now i could compile to work on top of Windows 8 too with a minimal effort, and it will work just fine. But the people i work for are not interested on pay for the licence to push it to Microsoft app store (don’t know how it’s called, sorry for that). So that app is dormant for your ecosystem.

Sorry to not ask about the Kinect before, Hans. We really have no clue of what idea we were going to attack. We have several, some really crazy ideas, some involve hardware too.
We decided for the one we take the shot that night after a Mexican food dinner.
But it’s ok. And it was for better.
And let me clarify it a little bit about our last small encounter: it’s not the same as the other company who you say to us was doing what we at the hackaton. Not even close.
Before start, we read a lot. We were really thinking about using a kinect to solve the problem at first, but after read some pappers (this “human” recognition topic is material for PhD, involving mathematics and geometry as hell) and see previous attempts of the technique http://johan.cc/2011/09/02/rf11-kinect-tracking/ we decide to stick with out cam-raspberrypi approach.
And it works.
We don’t seek, and first, to do the same you do with kinect in a living room and take it to a supermarket hall. No we don’t. I’m going to make myself a little more clear about it at the end to you to see it.

To your workmate @hansnemarich, the guy of the transantiago master app, you need to help them focus and order what he knows. Yes, he knows, and a lot from what i see. But knowing doesn’t become you a great presenter or teacher. You need to be clear. You need to have a plan before. And when he stuck himself don’t knowing what more to say, it was an awkward moment. And after that, he claims without any real practical example, just saying he has using the three big mobile platforms, that Xcode and Eclipse sucks compared to VisualStudio.
We all in that conference are developers too. I know the three IDEs too. But we, as developers, will not swallow a comparison like that without SEEING the difference before. Not sir. And he has the time and the place to do it, to show us why he was saying that. Those kind of comparisons are for Infomercials on TV, not for a Workshop or conference.
(To the same guy, don’t know his name, the transantiago master) Your hardware and software, the one for you’re working for, it’s not better just because they paid monthly to you to say it. You need to take time and concentrate explaining benefits instead of just blame others or say you have better options with no comparison point.

Personally, i think your (Microsoft) hardware/software is good sometimes. I had an Xbox360. I’m writing this with my Microsoft ergonomic keyboard (i also use a trackball in my every day to work) those split keyboards. I could not work well if i don’t have one of this (and the trackball) to avoid and control tendon pain.
You (Microsoft) have HD cams like the LifeCam. We could use that for example. And will be much better than a kinect (and less expensive).

Again: tough guy, and thanks for that. Really. You need a good psychological vest to handle that.
And Metallica, hell yeah.

In other topic.
I was really disappointed for the competition side of the Hackaton.
I experienced both sweet and bitter feelings at the end of it.
We really did what we (@franciscorivas and me) were chasing (again, at the end will explain), they were not easy tasks, and still can be improved a lot, but our prototype works and the backend for the crawl of data too.

But seeing an idea who was presented at the Hustler meeting on Friday and make Wesley Chan from Google make a meme-like face of WTF… it’s sad. For all of us. The final ideas, the 15 elected, supposed to be the presentation card to the International Judges about the potential here in Chile. Don’t know if the preselection team took that in consideration before. And we, the participants of the hackaton, don’t know really who was the people pre selecting the ideas. I’m not sure if Alexia Tsotsis, Niko Bonatsos, Prashant S. and Joshua Slayton would preselect an app who just make what reddit, 9gag and a million of tumblr instances and facebook’s pages already do, but the only twist this idea has is to change the “like” of the fun stuff for a “ha”, so when are many “ha” they are concatenated to make “haha” and “hahaha” and so on. Pretty sure Wesley Chan would not preselect it after his face on Friday.
Nothing personal with the creator of that idea. Sadly the Google Glass Wesley was wearing can’t catch the wearer reaction.
Really. I don’t know him (the guy from “Ha ha app”). Sorry if this offends you in any form or way. It’s not my intention.
I also do stupid things like that. I like them too. But the hackaton organizers here should be looking for a greater good of Chile as a potential, talent and skills to show to the world, not selecting and app just to fill a gap and let some people with Connections be in better stand in the final 15.

I develop today because a stupid thing. Young, a friend of mine and i made a community when “forums” barely existed, and there was no “socialization”. In ’99 we put online a stupid idea that became famous here in Chile and eventually we sold it. From that, and before ’99, i learnt how to make things for the web. I live from that now.
Yes, you can make stupid stuff if you want (i mean ideas that you know that are just for fun and “the lulz”). But you don’t need “Angel Investors” to pursue those ideas.

Let my put it in different form: i, with that same friend on ’99, created an email service here in Chile. It was called “Melacorneta Mail”. Is nothing new now and either was back then. What if i just spend the hackaton putting Melacorneta Mail up and presented it anyways. The only twist there is the word game for us in Chile, like rosa@melacorneta and thinks like that. “It’s funny!”.
If that idea had been chosen, i would have been embarrassed. Embarrassed of being a Chilean dev. Embarrassed of the preselection team from UDD. Embarrassed of the offence that is for all the other people who went to the Hackaton to present an idea to change the world. Embarrassed for those who went even when they finalizing didn’t nothing because they couldn’t assemble a team. Embarrassed of what we are showing off to the World as Chilean entrepreneurs.

Why that idea passed, over 77 apps/ideas, to the final 15?. I don’t know. I don’t want to know. It’s not my problem. It’s AngelHack problem (  #ahscl  and the brand outside).

I’m not saying we have should selected to the finals, but… dude: there was a freaking robo-hand like a terminator!, was made in plastic and some kind of eye tracking controlling system of something like that.
Why not let them go to the finals?. Or other of the 77 ideas that worth the time?. The sad here is international judges have no chance of see those ideas (ours included) because of the preselection team (all local). The international team was outside, with us at the hackaton, chatting and hanging out. While the preselection team was locked in a room seeing the videos we submit to them to evaluate the ideas.
The whole credibility of the organizers here (UDD alone? don’t know) goes to the top of the Everest for things like the “ha ha app” and others like this:

Another example?

I have nothing personal against poker, and the team behind this idea. “Founders and Poker” is an idea that claims “every founder plays poker, everybody knows that; rich people plays golf, poker is the game of startup founders, so in our web you can play poker with just founders of other startups, and make networking with them while you play”. I don’t play poker. Maybe some Tony Stark like founders do it, but i don’t.
So, i play FPS online, and “i know every founder plays FPS online, that’s not a secret, everybody knows about it, i should make a Founders and FPS to make them contact and networking while we blow up our ass on Battlefield3, because: every founder plays FPS, that’s a fact”.
They, the team behind it, came prepared. Some stuff was made from before. We was close to them and i hear some things like “let’s prepare our presentation for later” (at the end of the time for hacking). The rule said all have to be fresh, but as #ahscl say at the beginning, they have “no way” to check on that so ask us all to be nice and don’t cheat. They came with an investor over them already, who arrived at the end with is wife an a team of models to promote another business too.

As i said, this is not my problem.

I really think and see by my own more global and valuable ideas out there during the AngelHack Chile.
Have been really more nicer that the rest of the World could have a chance to see them too.

Our problem was resolved. At least, it start to work and proved to us we can make it.
We was there shooting for a “Real World Analytics”. Real world data mining. Apparently Hans from Microsoft was stuck with the idea of kinect and that “analyze” people is something that is already done; i agree with that… and we don’t seek for it. With our approach we don’t need to spend money on kinects. A decent web cam (50USD aprox) and a raspberrypi with 3g (25USD) does the job pretty well this way.
What we did with the cam, the raspberrypi and opencv was teaching it to count and estimate a mass of people, a crowd. This, and several sensors we have planned (not just cams) has a several potential uses, for good and evil. I go for good.
Imagine to measure and predict crowds at places like metro stations, recitals, protest, hospitals ER, etc. or even traffic based on real time data from this “all seeing eyes”; and then mix the traffic data with air condition data for a big city (we did it at the hackaton too) and waiting time and crowd levels on waiting rooms on hospitals and you can anticipate, as government, and take some actions to help the rush of people who will go to those places for medical help. For both, public and private, the practical applications can be gigantic. And not just measure. We aim to collect pre-process that data to deliver highly and detailed types of report and metrics. All connected, all kind of data that can be collected, from the real world. If something it’s not being collected, then we hope we can work to make it a reality. It can be done, today.
I will not discuss the entire method we use, but you can be sure that current implementations of opencv can be altered to change the “body detection” and perception (“a la kinect”) to a crowd counting and measurement, that are statistically valid and highly accurate.

Some couple of guys i meet at launch on Saturday were working on an opencv implementation too. They want to teach an Android app to see food in a dinner or launch, and tell you how much calories and stuff like that you have in that meal. I think how to expand that, to mix it with exercises and routines to help you put down those same calories out of you and keep track of that. Can be really nice to have.
If they succeeded on that task (i was no able to see them at the end) so they also deserved a place on that final 15 at #ahscl . Maybe more than us.

That’s it i think.
Thanks to @franciscorivas for everything.
Thanks to our new friends from Peru and Argentina who sit around us and make some really good conversations, good time. Good luck to you, both.

And as i said it to Carlos Varela from UDD in person and to @fsaezc in person too, some the people in charge of AngelHack Chile 2013, thanks for everything.
Even if started with some failure…

…and that internet fail was a pain at the beginning of the hackaton, everything in general was nice.
In the future, please make it nicer for people who goes there to “Hack”, and to people who expect find others to develop an idea. Separate them. Let them meet others coders who are open to develop some prototype for others, or exclude them all. Obligate “Hackers” to be alone and not with pre-armed teams. But promise them (Hustlers) material to work with and not deliver, wasn’t nice.

Because us, people who code/”hack”, also have ideas. But some of us still can help others to take off, just for the same purpose you help an elder or blind to cross the street.


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